Friday, 2 January 2015

Something of a time flip

I recently discovered willo the wisp classic episodes are available to watch for free on youtube.
I had these previously only on vhs tape, so it's really good to finally see a proper digitised version.

That would be episode one, follow the original poster to see the rest.

Whilst we are following that line of interest, here's The Trapdoor:

And then. Metal Mickey.

Educating Marmalade is next.

Then, of course, Chocky...

I'll vanish again now I've hurt your 'ead. :)

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Classics not to walk by

These are the trailers for some classic flicks, high up on my favorite lists.

The full movies can be located easily enough online to purchase or in most dvd stores.

White Heat (1949).

Seething, real gangster movie. Cold hearted, and completely insane. A really good one that has to be seen several times to appreciate the quality.

Desire (1936)

There's also a Lux Radio Theater version of this brilliant flick, to be found HERE.
The picture version stars Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper. Acting doesn't just flow from these guys, it oooozes! I can't find a purchase link, but we got our copy from JBHIFI at a price that shouldn't be smirked at for such a good film.

And to finalize this little post today, here's one to watch now:

Blonde Ice (1948)

This was a favorite to play at Vamp in the cinema room. Good for transfixing the eyes of perennial DV8 drunks to the screen, hopefully some of it sunk in.
I've heard they're still using my old files at the club and thus still screening this one. I'd go back if it weren't for the skinheads and the useless management letting them in to beat people up and leave without due course. *insert swearing here* Hope the place burns down.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

My brain, my brain.

Tonight's shining ball of poop is The Cape Canaveral Monsters.

This is the one where people die and aliens/monsters take over. Because, that hasn't been done before (cough).

Blow the dust off your chair. I'm back.

Right-o, let's get down to it.
No mucking about, the projector light is warmed, sit down, feet off the seats, don't throw the popcorn etc etc etc.

First cab off the rank for this christmas day is not a christmas movie... surprise surprise.
It's the monster from green hell.

Monster From Green Hell by crazedigitalmovies

Tomorrow I'll be screening another sci-fi. Until I get back in the business of throwing up screenings, I'll keep it a surprise. :) Til then, merry xmas and cheerio pals.